Monday, July 26, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I really like tattoos but ey! ????!?!

You have probably already seen this, but, dude!? I hope he did this on a charter trip to Aiya Napa and he was on his way home at 6am...

Monday, July 12, 2010

this is were i roll!

this is how it looks were im working..haha..bad quality..but i didnt really have anything more intressting to update about today!

check it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chaoz productions " ALL IN" trailer

Chaoz Productions "ALL IN" Official Trailer from Chaoz Productions on Vimeo.

Shred n breakfast episode 6!!!!!!

Shred' n Breakfast - Episode 6 from Shred' n Breakfast on Vimeo.

I really suck at blogging!

yes i do! but here I am!..right now chillin at Lasses place outside oslo.. I have been really busy with school..but I gradute and no more school for a few years feels pretty damn good! I have been graduating, skiing, working, having BBQ¨s and more check it out!

I put on the suit for graduating cermeny

Lars was on his best!

I ate sandwich cake...pretty much the best shit since sliced bread!

Audun showed off his six pack!

we celebrated that schools out..norwegian traditions= crazy and fun traditions

Lasse was in the front the scout train at 5.30 am

I was..hmm??

then we drove to Juvaas for some summer shred! I was sitting in the frontseat!

and Lasse was happy in the backseat!

Juvaas was pretty much the shit!

Daddy Dj was chillin in norway

I went back to sweden! pretty sweet view


I teamed up with my man Olle for some bow and arrow!

My girlfriend looks good

and she is more tan then me..fuck

I started to work at a book factory in get some norwegian gold!

I borrowed my dads working shoes that he have had for pretty much 20 they were not ready for the hard norwegian book picking!

But we fixed it ofcourse!

I had a BBQ down by the lake

I enjoyed the great summer weather!

then it started raining and i was sitting under a bridge!

over n out!! check back for videos!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


a really long time no see!!! but I graduated school and now im in Juvaas glacier shredding with the boys!!!! so check back in near future what I have been up to!..cause its way to beautiful to sit inside i gotta go!!!! peace out mäccaronis!!!