Sunday, June 28, 2009

fonna yeah!

this country is so dope..skiing all day and then go back down to the village in +25 degrees celsius...and just relax and take notes....

skiing is going really good and we are just shredding and filming...i am tryig to learn some new grabs on different kind of tricks..and everyone are just killing it in fonna!..

we have got some dope shots...and we have more to get ..tomorrow are we throwing down a night shoot i think in this sick sunset and view on the glacier..

here are some random shots from the last 2 days..

Friday, June 26, 2009

blog is back!

Yoyo..i am back in blog buisness after much school and 100 of things to do....

But now you will hopefully get some cool stuff to watch and read about..

Cause right now I am in folgefonna in the beautiful country of Norway shredding and having our last shoot with secondhands before they will start to edit the movie..super stoked and I hope things will be sick!..

The whole crew is here and we are having a great time..

We drove from oslo yesterday at 7 am and arrived here at 3 pm after a sick drive from lasse nyhaugen and a “close to death experience”…but we came here alive and we are all superstoked about this..the weather is great but just a little bit to windy up on the top..but the weather forcast says it going to be better so cross you fingers for us!

And here are some pics from the last time..

Stay tuned and be stoked!