Wednesday, October 29, 2008

getting stoked for monsterpark.!

lasse is cute.
booked my flight last night..

elvis is sitting beside me and touching my nipple..very nice....(he thinks)

Iam so stoked to leave school next thursday and go for the monsterpark invitational...

flying togheter with anders backe and elvis..going to be a funny week..

feeling soooo tired so have to go..

peace elvis är fis..

london freeze..

so now I am siting here in norway at school, but only one week left to next swiss trip, me and elvis and backe are heading over to glacier 3000 for the monster park invitaional..stoked!....

pretty bumed about my result in london freeze, really bumed actually, but it was fun to ride, and I had so much pain in my back, but pinkillers helps a little bit,
but that's life..

will upload some pics from the london freeze now..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

epic day in zermatt!

we are out of internet at the hotel, so at the moment i am sitting at a pub here in zermatt , drinking a latte and chillin with internet..hehe

yesterday was epic, today we had a day of, and I needed that!

let the video speak for it self..check it out.

Monday, October 20, 2008

sausage session!

so today was the best day I have ever had here in Zermatt, we were thinking about having a day of today, but we woke up to bluebird!!
and went up to the hill, and the jump were better than ever before!, the kicker was smooth and the landing were steeper!

It was a "throw down" day today!

I didn't do any switch tricks at all today, have to work on my forward spins, and tried to get the normal tail grab, not reverse, so did some 5s with tail and then tried the sausage grab!

did my first cork 9 for 2 years, and my first cork 1080 ever, so really stoked about this day, and tried kangaroo flip 2 times but hurt my back a little on the last one.

ole mustad were throwing down some sick sw 1080 with insane tweaked mutegrab!

halvard thon- the safe him self, were thorowing down and stomped all of his tricks! ( as usual)

lasse lerned sw 1080 and stomped all of his tries! sick dude..

frodo stomped and did some stylish 1080 and sw 7 with tail that were really epic!

and audun linnerud my man lerned some really dope cork 7 with true tail and some really cool sw 7 with japan!

yeah that were some of us, but every one was throwing down today!!

hopefully we will make an edit from today this evening!

yeah lasse is gay , that's why he is on every picture!
stay tuned!!

the edit, but in youtube quality.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

zermatt is epic!

so a small edit from our first 2 days, we are having a apic time here with bluebird and pretty a pretty good jump, more edits to come!


we were suposed to put up 2 videoblogs from our first two days here, but we had so many things to do so we didn't really have any time to fix them and put them up, and fredda (the filmer) had to go home today, but he will fix them when he is coming back, but thinking about puting up one today, so check it out this night!

zetrmatt is epic!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the day we all been waiting for!!

so in 7 hours are we leaving, and going to switzerland and zermatt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't wait!!
will bee soo much fun, but the only thing that sucks is that my man Ketil "kusse" Jansen have broke his ancle this evening on trampoline:( that's bad dude..really wanted to have you with us in zermatt.!..but get that ancle fixed asap!!!

think I am going to sleep soon, so tired, and that makes the time goes faster!:)

so stoked!

Big daddy chilling in Italy 2 years ago

see you in some days!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2days left!

tomorrow is our last day in school before me are leaving lillehammer and going to switzerland!!!look forward to that!

intersport here in lillehammer put on my bindnings on my skis today, thanks, so now I only need to wax them and pack my stuff before we are leaving!!

I am so glad that we don not have any more tests for a wile!!! so tired of school, I am thinking about skiing every day! soo stoked !!
but pretty tired now so think I will go to sleep soon..

and BTW my tattoo is not soure anymore, stoked!

god night and sleep tight!

Monday, October 13, 2008


christine look alike

so done 5 tests in 6 weeks! so tired of school right now+ that I feeling sick, my throat hurts a bit and stuff, but I am drinking a lots of warm water with C-vitamins! so hopefully I will be good when we are going to zermatt on thursday!!..sooooooo stoked, could not sleep yesterday because I was thinking about it!..wanna go skiing so bad!..

got some new skis today for my trip so I am so stoked!..alpha 1s and Thalls, I am so stoked about the alpha ski, they are soo freaking good!..and it is so funny to ride them! so light and feels like they are way shorter then they looks can it be better??..I don`t think so..armada!!

trying to upload some photos on facebook right now but they freak me out, nothing works!..but have to try again,, catch up l8ter!!

pics from the hardest training/comp in my whole life i think!
peace from the middle east!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

tests,tests and tests

so this week I have had 4 tests on 5 days in school..that`s bad! really bad!

so now I am just so tired in my head and just need some rest!, so this update will be a bit short!

sitting at elvis place right now, thinking about cooking some food, and then head over to some friends for to nights evening in lillehammer!

and just 4 days left, untill we are going to zermatt with the school!!!!stoked for that and then right after that I will go to london for the london freeze big air! stoked again!!

the dirty railsession 2 has been ready for a long time now , but movie maker is wierd, and we can`t upload it on the internet, so will try again l8ter!

but have to get some food now!..

Iknow you know!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

stretch test!

sweet protections new super underwear is so dope!..sickest underwear ever! stretchy!

Monday, October 6, 2008


to much school to blogging right now..


Sunday, October 5, 2008

dumb&dumber, lasse

watching dumb&dumber at elvis place!

Friday, October 3, 2008

told ya!

I told you Ktils "all day looooooong position!"


sonow I am sitting here chillin with ketil niggh, as usual!..hustle some internet, and trying to get ketil to finish the last from dirty railsession 2!!..and he is soooooooooooo slooooooooooooow!..
but it is almost finished, so hopefully it will be posted today..but you will never know with ketil!

Ketil in his "all day loong position!"


Thursday, October 2, 2008

packing and going to lillehammer!! DOPE!

yeah, verytired to day, but now I am packing my stuff and going to lillehammer!..going to be fun and funny,
the only thing that sucks is that I will miss Ida`s birthday party, but looking forward for you 25 birthday party Instead, only 5 years left.

I am almost finished with my packing, but have some heavy homework to do, :(
so will see if I have energy left for that.

the reason why dirty railsession, not is on my blog is that the material is in Ketil "kusse" Jansens hands, and he is soooooooooo sloooooooooooow with it!

you know, you know!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

grandma, grandpa and jonna!

Me and jonna! last winter at nordic slopestyle in Kläppen snowpark!

so today my cousine Jonna woke me up around 10am, told me that we were going to grandma and grandpa for some pancakes!!
was a long time since last time I saw them and met jonna to so that was fun, spending some time at their place, eating pancakes, playing games and just talking about everything, skiing, life, lillehammer, you name it..felt good to se their old faces but still the same smiley faces:)
and visit my aunt Anette to, who has stop smoking!!..congrats and good luck!!

then I went up to the gym for 1,5 hour i think, pumping some iron !
and home to help daddy with some stuff and then make a list of some things i will sell, so if you are intrested in some, clothes, skis and stuff please contact me.!

and now I just came home , visit some good old friendfrom my hometown! Olle,Gabbe and Lindh!
that was fun hanging out and just taking it easy!

and tomorrow am I going back to Lillehammer, norway! stoked actually!

but have to sleep,training and packing tomorrow!