Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i`ve got some ink!

so we head over to sweden and gothenburg, to get my first tattoo!!
super stoked and I went to "kröli tattoo" in gothenburg, on sunday, and Peter (the tattoo artist) took his time on his holy sunday, to get down to the shop and give me my first tattoo!..thanks,
I have watched so many episodes of miami ink, and could never belive that i could be as good as the tattoos they make!, but Peter was soooo good, and fast to, and it went out super well and I am super stoked about it, waaay better than I could imagine before,
it was true miami ink style, even better!

It felt so good, felt like floating around on clouds, and it was just a happy time for 5 hours!.....NOT!
the pain was bad, really bad sometimes, but sometimes it was pretty okay to, but i chosed the worst part of the body so I just have my self to blame.
It still hurting a little bit, but it getting better, So happy about the result, he really did a super good work for shore! and I will defenatly go back there next time!
will let the pictures speak the rest for you. I love skulles and I love ski, i like it, up to you what you think. Will upload a better pic on it, in some days..

iron man and iron girl!

Me "Kim Kong" in action!
So when I was finished with the looooooooooongest day ever , my trainer pål called me and told me that I was going to a place called Bøl , like 4 hours with a car from Lillehammer, and be there for two days for some “basic training”, so I thought that would be cool, so I packed my bag and my other trainer on the school here in Norway picked my up next morning together with Christine (a girl from the handball gym) and we went out in the forest, for training and competition against other Norwegian sport schools!!!!!!!!..
First day, it was some training in the evening, and next morning it was hell!!(Competition)
I was thinking that it was going to be a nice day with training!! BUT! It went out being one of the hardest days ever! The competition contained everything from tire overturns to carry diesel cans. Brutal!
I don`t think me and Christine had the best attitude for the comp, but it was fun and soooooo good feeling when it was done!
I will upload some action pics and stuff when I get the pics from assabassa, spacially some good ones of Christine! Hehe

Christine rustad høgbakken in action!

And after that I went to my big brother Daniel in oslo, and to jump on the bus to head over to Gothenburg next morning, and get my first tattoo!

Monday, September 29, 2008

yee dude..loong day!

The blog has been a little bit under ice those days, and that is because of 2 things: to much school and out of internet!
But I think it will be some funny updates upcoming days,.

Last Wednesday we were sitting at ketils place trying to practice for a history test we were going to have next morning, but it turn out being little to much of facebook and youtube, and the clock were around 12pm and we had not practice at all, so we decided to stay awake the whole night “practice for the history test” .
But it became a “wake up lars haakon in the middle of the night” instead, went over to halvards apartment that he is shearing with , vegard and lars haakon, halvard was awake but not lars!!.. so we opened his room and flu over him 5st I think around 3.30 am. That was funny! Maybe not for lars but for us!!
So then we went back to do one more try to practice for the test, but when it was 1,5 hours left before the school bus would leave, all of us fell asleep, woke up super happy after 1,5 hour of sleep and went to school for the test, but when I finally arrived I thought I had read the wrong book, because the questions on the test were insane!!..didn`t now anyone of the answers, so I guest on 8 questions, not to good, I do NOT looking forward to get my test back next week!..but we will see , maybe I am good to guess.

But the day wasn’t finished there!
We had the “61 degres north” on our school, wich means that we splitt all the students in different teams and the day is full of activities that has with strength, school, and every kind of thing you can imagine!!
not the best day to have after 1,5 hours of sleep the day before, and the thing that happened to me was pretty crazy!
After some running a started to loosing my vision and the only thing I could see for some seconds was a white paper!..that was scary, but I ran in to the bathroom the get some water, and after that everything was good!,
That day was maybe my loooooooongest day ever!!!

Stay tuned!! More to come…


now am I back home! and the blog will be sooooooooooo uppdated those upcoming days!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

behind the scenes!..dirty railsession!

some pics from the railsession..video coming up soon!

Monday, September 22, 2008

to much school to do something!

hehe .....the weekend was funny and fun..and we got material for the volume 2 of dirty railsession, and I promise you it is dirty for sho!..hehe...and so funny to....a weekend full of "stampa med leroy"railing and CHILLING fo sho!!...

going to be less updates this week because we have so much school right now and training and I have to come back into it after 4 weeks in NZ!..

but today was a pretty long day in school and then training , running 4x4 and then some trampolin and stuff and then a 1,5 hours of more training! pretty DOPE!

yeye to stoked for writing right now....listen to some good shit!!really good actually..so stoked.

have to go..by the way me and lasse made some good pasta today..


school school school!

much school right now, and I do not have any internet in my apartmen , that`s why it have been less uppdates here, but now we have material for a "dirty railsession vol.2"


Saturday, September 20, 2008

training and chill out

yesterday night we were just hanging out in my apartment here in Lillehammer , norway,...me ,lars hakon, elvis and ketil drank monster and watched iron man!..pretty dope movie actually...
went to sleep pretty late and woke up this morning around 11pm and went over to lars place and met up lars and iver for some training..that was dope and painfull!..hehe

It was a carnival outside my window to!!


but now it is "grandiosa" time, norways most ate pizza!!hehe

and then I don`t now what`s up for the night..something fun i hope..

but do you know what will happen tomorrow?!?!?

dirty railsession volume 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

no volume 2 today, but tomorrow?

we could not get snow to the rails today so no railing today,, but tomorrow I hope, so stoked on skiing, can`t wait until we are going to zermatt with the school! (was dope last year)!!

so loooooooong day in school today 8am-4pm..Not to stoked on school right now, I`m just sitting and thinking about skiing whole day so I don`t get much school in to my head, but but but..soon zermatt and skiing, only 3 weeks left i think..!!!!!!!

tired have to go!

dirty railsession volume 2 tomorrow?

dirty railsession volume 2?

hm we are thinking about going up to håkons hall for railsession...maybe a dirty railsession volume 2?..what do you think about that??

to be continued!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

first day at school!

kim , thuuuuuun and lars haakon.
first day at school today!, was NOT as good as NZ:) hehe but it was nice to see some of my norwegian homiez again..halvard and lars haakon, rest of the gang are at the glacier juvaas and shredding.

taco and skimovies!

BUT me and lars haakon went railing after school that was dope, and less of snow..hehe..
we are just working on a small edit that we will put up in some hours..stay tuned!

last stop: falun and älvdalen!

jetleged first day in new Zealand, perfect moment for jacob and jase to have some fun!

so i took the train from stockholm to falun to visit sanna , so 2,5 hour later i arrived at the train station in falun with 2 boardbags, 1 bag and 1 backback, but sanna met me there so she helped me to carry the bags, and then we cooked a super nice dinner, wook! and I spent the night at here place in falun:)
and i also met my cousine jonna who lives there to, so that was nice.

and then the day after i took an early bus home to älvdalen!!..my homehome!..hoe sweet home, but i would rather stayed in NZ for some more weeks!..:)

so just packed my stuff and waited for daddy to be clear with his work, then we headed over to Norway and back to school:/..I had to stay awak to get back from the jetleg, so the only thing I could do was to drink and drink monster energy.so I dont fell a sleep in the car on the way to norway..

unleash the beast!

third stop: london, missed flight, sweden!

killing some time at our last flight!
time to wash my hair?...yes!

so we finally arrived at heathrow airport, london after 30 hours of flying i think, the plane from singapore was a bit to late, so we had 30 min to get to the gate at one of the biggiest airports I have ever been to, so that was impossible ofcourse.so we missed the flight to stockholm so we had to rebook our ticket and wait 3 hours more,,to get home to sweden so that sucked! but we took a breakfast at starbucks coffe and then we took our last flight home!!!!!!!! so after many hours in airoplane and at airports we finally arrived in stockholm, but my trip was not finished there!. I had to take a train to falun and sanna for about 2,5 hours!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

second stop: melbourne, singapore

funny movie!
so after the flight to queenstown we landed in melbourne to get our" first long flight". melbourne- singapore, think it was 8 hours or something like that, was awake almost the whole flight , doing some homework and watching movies on the plane, have you seen "don`t mess with Zohan!"..?

if you haven`t ..you have to watch it..dope movie, so funny,

so then after 8 hours, we landed in singapore for a short leg stretcher, and belive it or not, they had some computers with free internet!! so checked the email and surfed a little bit untill the third flight would leave, a 12 hour flight from singapore to london!..

killing time in singapore.

more to come:)

first stop. overweight at queenstown airport!

so woke up early and took a shuttle to queenstown airport, to start our trip home to sweden!..with very much extra luggage took we one tray each to pack our luggage on and went in to the airport to check in, but there was some serious problems, the overweight!!
on the way down to wanaka was there now problem at all, I payed like 20 dollars for my skibag, that`s it!
but on the way home they said that a skibag could only weigh 15 kg and not 20 like it was from sweden, and you could not have an extra bag, so my problem was that I had 2 boardbags, one bag and one backpack, and it was around 52 kg I think, so the extra bill Me and Jacob got was not what we thougt!(jacob had around the same weight), and when it is different in every fu*king airport makes me pissed, why can`t just every country have the same deal?...wierd!
but there was nothing to do about it, pay and get home!

we killed it!

But not enough with that, we had to pay 25 NZD to get OUT of the country!!, what would happend if we didn`t pay, would we be stuck in NZ forever?...

yeye that was queenstown airport!

more to come..

finally back home in sweden!

so after waaaaaaay to much overweigt on the luggage, 36 hours of flying, svetty running to the train, 1 missed flight am I finally in sweden,I arrived at arlanda yesterday around 3 pm I took my 2 boardbags, one "normal" bag and my backback and jumped on the train to falun visit sanna in falun for one day and to meet andreaz at monster energy sweden, so that was fun,

came to falun around 6.30 pm yesterday and went home this morning around 9 am and daddy picked me up in mora, and now I am finally back in Älvdalen, home home.!

I am way to tired and yetlegged for bloging right now but i will continue with more uppdates from the flight as soon as possbile!..

so stay tuned!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

last day at snowpark!

when we arrived at snowpark today!

so today was the day of all days, last day at snowpark, and it couldn`t be much better: blue sky , sunshine, slushy snow, god jumps, god rails, good food yeah you name it.
simon, colby and riley picked us up this morning to go to snowpark and shredd the last day here, and it was defenatly a good end of this trip, and reached one of my goals to, so I am stoked about that!!!, and it was defenatly a badass thow down today, colby,jossi and jacob did some sick dubl corks at the bottom jump, and then the spanish guys jamie and paco did dubl backs and frontflips, and I worked on my rightside spins all day and did back to back spins on the jump line. STOKED!

and everyday we have been up at snowpark we have had dinner at a super dope resturant up at the hill with so much food for the money,

so what i can say about my first trip to NZ: It took me about 60 hours to get here, (with a lay over at melbourne airport for about 12 hours) it was a long trip fo shore but it was totally worth it!!
when we left snowpark today!

it was i really good experience, and the country is so beautiful that it is hard to imagine, and the people are so kind to, and I will defanatly come back to this place!..can`t wait til next time!.
and it was on this trip I started blogging!!..hehe, so if you don`t have anything to do, pleas leave some comments and tell me what is good and bad?

feels wird to leave this place, have been here for 3,5 week now i think ,and everyday have been so fun and funny.
and it feel so good to ride on armadaskis and shredd around with my alphas which are my favorite ski fo sho!! check it out! it was fun to meat all the guys at the team and all the people around here at snowpark.

will keep uppdate , maybe on the flight home if there is some internet and then when I am back in sweden and back to school in norway.

have to pack my last stuff and go to sleep!

the parkinglot was fucking destroyed of the warm weather today, but colby decided to "give her" and we made it !!

did you now that it is more sheeps then humans here in New Zealand?
now you know!


Friday, September 12, 2008

slushy snow!!!

first I have to say thanks for the sick blog picture my man Lasse Nyhaugen made for me, pretty sick, right? it is the one you can seeon the top of my blog if you haven`t notice it!:)
I think it look sick!! thanks lasse for that!

can snow really be to slushy when you ski? love to ski on a slushy spring day, but today was one of those days when the snow was almost to slushy, it was big holes at de end of every rail and the kickers were falling apart, but it was soo fun today, shredded the rail line most of the day and then i took some runs on the jump line, and finished my day with a rodeo on the small step up jump that colby, leigh, dan, and simon were slayin with cork 9s, 10s, 12s, dubl frontflips, backflips you name it, it was a sick throw down on the step up.
jacob and I was filming the rail line half day, then he got some pain in his ancle so he decided to film the jumps and stepup. but he killed the rails earlier.

the weater was up and down the whole day, 30 min sun, 30 min flat light and so on...
but we made a small "edit" with jacobs point`n shoot camera, better belive it.
so I let the edit talk about today,:) I doesn`t maybe sound so stoked in the beginning, but I was fo sho!!

from jacob westers blog.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

skiing in a cloud!

jacob is very happy about the weather today!

so that`s what we did today: skied in a cloud!

snowstorm and cold, but that can not stop us, we were out there in the snowstorm and slide some rails, pretty much all day, was not so much else you could do today,

only 2 ski days left feels wierd to only have 3 days here before we are heading over to sweden.:/ and then norway to get back in school..:( that`s not what i want to do right now..I just wanna skii all day.

come just home after a super DOPE! dinner at the indian place!.so I am full!

going to sleep soon I think, .

colby and simon on the way home.

here is a small clip from one of our sunny days here at snowpark!

see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


learned a new word today!..INVERSION!
we was not supposed to go up to the hill today, the weather looked really shitty, but then jason called and said he thought it going to be a good day today, so we packed our stuff and went down to the hitch hiking spot down the lake, was waiting there for 15 min maybe, then a super kind lady picked us up and gave us a drive all the way up to snowpark!..thank you! about a 30 min longer drive for her. and we went up there and it was INVERSION!! wich means that the clouds are lower then the mountain so the clouds were down in the valley and snowpark was up in the sunshine.:)
so snowpark was really sunny and slushy wich i like!.so we started to shred some rails and then some one hitters in the pipe and ended the day on the jumps. the snow was really catchy but it was super fun to jump anyway,, seems like it`s going to be the same weather tomorrow.!!STOKED!

went home for a power nap then me and jacob went to Davinci pizza and then home to chill out here at jasons place, going to sleep now so we can go up and shred snowpark tomorrow!!..

and if you have notice so is steffen "turn" hamre back in blog buisness after a looong vacation.!..check it out, it is norwegian tho because he have not learned english yet, he is only 19, so better learn norwegian, it is funny.:)

bye for now!
here is my first try in the pipe.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

henke "per moberg" johansson

my "henke collage" (he loves food) =)

henke enjoys a very tasty "combo meal" at Bobbo`s in st. anton.

I think it was a half year ago since last time a saw you guys, can`t wait to see you and taste your home made food again, hopefully soon:)hehe, carrans wonderfull soup and henkes gourmet filled meat!..hehe.

for you that don`t now who these are so is it my one and only henke johansson from my home town and his girlfriend carran:).

one uppdate from today will be posted in some hours!..hold aaan!

Monday, September 8, 2008

down days!

rain rain rain, nothing more to say! bad day:(

sleeping, computer, eat, computer.


have a safe flight home!

so today was the last day in the house, chris , tayler and josh leaved today at 3 pm.
have a safe flight home!..
and thanks for the time here..had so much fun!..

but we have still 1 week left!
so now me jacob and JP are staying at jasons place untill we are leaving at 14th.

and taday we just packed out the house, and then we have just been doing nothing!..

maybe some homework soon, almost everything is done so that feels good.

and btw henrik leaves tomorrow to , so safe flight to you to!.
the weather was not very good today either , so hope for better weater tomorrow!
se you tomorrow! tired!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

forgotten boots!!!

so today:

chris, tyler, josh and JP went up to snowpark 7am or something to catch the sunrise, and me jacob and andri were suposed to go up to snowpark around 8am but we slept over a bit and the panic went in and we grabed our bags and jumped in to the car and drove to the hill.

AND when we were almost at snowpark I realized that my boots were left back home, and my day at snowpark was rowned,!!! but when we came up to snowpark it was the worst flatlight ever and the park was all ice! so after 2 hours we went back home to Wanaka, to just chill out and do some interviews and stuff wich was really fun AND funny.

and now we are packing our stuff because this is the last day in this house, because the other guys are leaving tomorrow,

but Me and Jacob have 8 days left to shredd the snowpark!!

now we are heading over to jasons place for some BBQ!..hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tyler was tired!

loong day yesterday!

so yesterday was my longest day so far, 11 hours, went up pretty early , and ski the halfpipe and QP the whole day and some followcams at the jumps with tyler, and then we had a small rails session on the streetrail and the a night shoot at a QP, the quarterpipe was all ice!!!!!.

a very loong day in a very short text!

some pics from our day in queenstown!