Sunday, August 31, 2008


miss my guurl!

,will be at home the 15th.

epic sunsetshoot!

woke up around 9.30 am and went down stairs for a nice breakfast in the sunshine, and then me and jacob went to HQ to get our bindings on the ALPHA`s!!!!! wich is the new armada skis and I would say the feuture of park skis, the skis were so good at everything: pipe, QP, rails, jump you name it! the skis were floating around on the snow and it was so easy to spin with them.
we had so much fun, riding on the alphas today.

today me and Jacob skied much QP and jacob was trowing down some huge unatty cork 5s and 9s today.
and I did a new trick today, aley oop flatspin 540 in the QP. STOKED about that, wanna take it into the pipe before we are leaving NZ, so will see what`s happends.
and then after a long day of shredding we started hitting one of th jumps for our night session, went pretty well and everybody was throwing down, the speed was kinda wierd tho,it felt like you were going way to slow but ended it up overshooting it, but it was fun. me, Jacob,Taylor Seaton and Sean Field were hitting it. you can se some pictures on

and duuuude! I can`t imagin what Tanner Hs pipe run is going to be this winter!! he is trowing down so bad!!`s insane!
and dorey going back to back flat 3s and sw 10s down the pipe , dope!

and then we went home and had a CURRY IN A HURRY!! wich is a butter chicken with rice with a cheese and garlic nan at the best and chepest indian resturant here in wanaka, NZ! it is so DOPE! going to miss this place when we are leaving!

really tired right now, godnight!

more updates to come.

on the way to snowpark! a 30 min long drive in pictures!

Friday, August 29, 2008

yee dawg!

these two days have just been epic, yesterday we went up to the hill around 11am , tanner and simon were slayin the pipe, and henke did a suuuper DOPE kangaroo at the last jump in the park and stomped it so hard.
I have just been working on my "old" tricks and trying to get the feeling back , last time i was skiing were at mammoth mountain in Maj last spring time, so haven`t been skiing for a wile, but it getting better and better, have some new tricks I want to learn before we are heading back home.

last night we had a super sick night session at the jump beside the rail line, it was so dope and so much fun. STOKED!

today was a pretty chill day , we were going up to the mountain around 9.30am to hit some rails and jibs and shoot some photos for the catalog, and some interviews. and shoot some on a wallride and som handrags on the nuckle of the jump we were hitting last nigt, STOKED!

the guys are talking about having a day of tomorrow but I wanna ski!!!!, but we will see, maybe gets some time for homework, maybe not.

but now we are heading over to jasons house to have some dinner duuuuude!!

BTW we have moved to the armada house now..super sweet!.

se you out there!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

saaaay whaaaaaaat?!?!

night shoots, sunset, bluebird, slushy!! can it be better?

had some super sick days here at snowpark NZ, had a dope night shoot yesterdays and a whole day shoot today with no clouds so long my eyes could see!

now me and jacob are staying at chris house until we are moving in to the armada house on saturday.

well I don`t have any words right now so I will let the pictures tell about these days!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


just coming home after eating a pretty nice BBQ burger on red star, and now we are just chillin at jasons house, think we are going to sleep soon, the body is hurting a bit .

the sunshine and bluebird turn out to the worst flatlight! bad:/

but the first half of the day we were shredding rails and then after lunch the flatlight got i bit better and we were starting to hitting the two jumps from the slopestyle course, it went pretty good for being the first jumps since may at the jibacademy in mammoth.

the weather was pretty bad so I will wait with the pictures until tomorrow and see if the wheater god is with us!

hasta la vista!


Monday, August 25, 2008

sunshine and bluebird today!!

seems like it going to be a good day today!

8,30 am and it is bluebird and sunshine, stoked

but not so stoked that we have to go down to the hitch hiking spot to get up to the hill. yesterday jason drove us there, but his on work today.

have to go, to stoked to just sitting here!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

first day at snowpark!!

so here we go!

jetlegged as hell, yester day fell in sleep around 5pm. and woke up with skis, toys, etc on me that jason and jacob had put on me when I was sleeping, jacob also trow a ball in my head and I didn`t woke up!..hehe funny! you can se the beautyful pic on jacobs blog ....

so now we are staying at jason wolfs place, his the armada distributor here in NZ. me and jacob are sleeping on his floor that feels pretty much as a bed.:)

so back to the first day at snowpark!!, it was a bit cloudy up at the hill today and pretty hard to se much sometimes, but we were slayin rails the whole day with harlaut, tanner, jacob and eric iberg was there filming for the hall/harlaut edit they going to put up on newschoolers today I think..badass!!

super sick to be here in NZ, the park looks dope and the rails ARE dope!, can`t wait to hit the jumps, maybe tomorrow!

It felt soo good to be back on snow today and know that you have still 3 weeks left!..

now I am getting hungry, think we are going down to the indi resturang today to!

here is some pics of the looooooooooooooooooongtrip to NZ:'

hakuna matata.

just before landing in Hongkong!
Hongkong airport!
Mc donalds at melbourne airport
arriving in queenstown NZ

the super sick lake in Wanaka!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

melbourne airport!

now I only have 3 hours left before my planes goens to queenstown !!!.

what I have done to get the clock go faster:
going round and round at the airport,
eating at Mc donalds two times,
getting out of battery on my laptop. and I couldn`t charge it because i bought the wrong adapter i london!.(stupid)
talking to and indian thaty couldn`t say a world in english,
going around at the airport again,
eating a summer roll that wasn`t so good. actually really bad!
paying a lot of australian dollars to get on the internet,
and show the indian what skiing is.

and now I am sitting here with 15 min and 36 sec left on my internet time wondering what i would do the hours I have left here, maybe race with a wheelchair, but there s one problem, I have nowone to race with so we will see if Kim winns or if Kim winns!

yeye will be sooo nice when we have arrived to wanaka and snowpark NZ. looking forward to that.

hmm maybe i should go to Mc donalds again.

forresten.. lasse er en torsk!

peace din lilla fis!


hey hey hello!

so now I will do like anybody else! start blogging!

don`t now why I`m writing in english but maybe my english will be better if I do that.:)

now I am sitting here at melbourne airport after 24 hours traveling and have like 8 hours to kill before my last flight leaves to queenstown NZ. never been at snowpark NZ before so super stoked about that, will try to uppdate as much as possible about the visit in NZ!

so see you soon!