Monday, April 27, 2009

video ambuhl invitational

yo homes..sorry for bad updates during the ambuhl invitational..the reason was that we were out shooting the all time...but here it is..not the sickest tricks but some really good shit anyway.
edit by steffo silvestri

Saturday, April 25, 2009

okey so here is a small clip from the dick we built..writing an update about today and yesterday l8er today hopefully..

Friday, April 24, 2009

follow pic..

just a follow pic that i found on

video from day 1..

A.I day1 from sämi ortlieb on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ambuhl invitational day 1

so here I am back in the building..

arrived here yesterday,, but when we arrived we find out that he couldn't find a filmer for us..a little bit to I was pretty upset cause I really wanted to get some killer shots..but whatever we had a sick photograper Pascal was supposed to just do a slideshow with pictures..

but today something really bad happend for the italian guy overotated and went way to far on the jump we hit..landed 90 degres..and went into coma..:( suck and it was one of the worst crashes I have ever he is in the hospital in chur..still in coma but hopefully good we are praying for you tobi!..

so now are we teaming up with the italians so we have one filmer 2 photographers and 3 wil will hopefully get some good shots and make an edit out from that..!..

here are some pics from the jump, three jibb and the nightsession we had..

stay tune for more updates..


Monday, April 20, 2009

no internet and ambuhl invitational

sorry that I didn't update anything ths weekend..the reason was...: outof internet..wich sucked but the park was sick and the comp sucked more and the comments asbjørn..tack før de iaf!!....

whatever..the park was so fun..all those sick rails and bonks and jumps in the spring time..super stoked learned some new tricks on the rails and got to shredd and just had a great time..

2 days ago I got and invite to the ambuhl invitational..wich is pretty similar to the JOSS..and I will team up with my homie JOhan lilja and some filmer and photographer!..super stoked so stay tuned for updates and video from there!

now!..sleeppppppppppppppppppppp time!..yeah! l8er sk8ers..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

edit time 2H!

2H Sälen EDIT! from FDP on Vimeo.

2H funny edit from easter!..check it out so funny!

beito session 2953

yeah !..
had a really bad german test today..why do we have german in school..I m swedish, going to a norwegian school and trying to learn german???? what a hell of a mix..haha

so tomorrow am I having a norwegian test from 8am to 1pm..and efter that we are leaving for the session 2953 at beitostølen,nowrway!!..they built up a super park there to finish their season! stoked to go there for the first time..

and will fo shaw try to make you guys and edit with som radical stuff and some steeze from my man Audun "steeze mastah dre" Linnerud that are sitting beside me right now..
super stoked to go there!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


found a clip on my computer today from 2 years ago..I took a little bit to much speed...just a little bit..hehe

overshoot! from kim boberg on Vimeo.

Monday, April 13, 2009

loooong time no post...

and the reason is that my computer crashed 2 weeks ago..but now it's back..and I am about to shredd this blog!....and write a lot of more updates....

so what have I been up to in the last?..

I went to the european open..the comp was really dope,,but i didn't like the pipe in the course...and it sucked so bad that was so windy at the semis..I were struggeling with the speed in my first didn't get to do what I were supposed to do..but...I am just looking forward to next year!...and hope it goes better...cause that is one of my favorite event of the year..


I went back home for shooting with 2H in tandådalen, turned out pretty good i think..and we all got some killer shots..stoked to be a part of 2H ..and try to get a really good segment for you guys...

after that I went back to the school bench for some days before I went to ÅRE for te JOI!!!..yeah!..that weekend was so fun and funny!...the jump were probably the best jump I have ever hit ..and fo shaw the biggest! had so much airtime! trick was a sw 12...landed kinda I didn't make it to the finals..

after that I was so stoked to go back home to load my batteries and shredd harder then ever before!...KLÄPPEN SNOWPARK!..yeah..spring time and easter break..
the park was dope and the slush was on..I waxed my aramada pipecleaners and the speed was fast!......we were shredding all day everyday..and learning new tricks everyday..super stoked!...hopefully you will se an edit up on my blog soon ...

back to school..more to come !yeah!

pics to come...tonight...