Monday, February 22, 2010

finally home!

feels soo good!! check back for update in the near future!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aspen open!

Aspen open is over, and iT was a fun week!!..congrats gud for taking 1st in both slopestyle and superpipe!..

when I came to Aspen, I didnt know if I was able to do the competition, cause of my foot...but after a few painkillers, some days of rest(training days) and some more pills, I decided to try and it worked out, in the beginning my foot was hurting so bad, but after a few runs it got numb and I couldnt feel anything :) hehe....
the course was the sickest slopestyle course I have ever skied sick and all the fautres was so fun..the only problem was the speed...

I qualified 2nd in my heat, and I was super stoked that I landed a run after only 2 runs in the course with straight airs, that was good, in the snowstorm and bad speed...

and today when we woke up it was bluebird and everything was pretty much perfect...exceot for the speed..., after 3 training runs I had my first semi run,,, it was 180 on 180 of the flat box, blind 270 out the up rail , 360 nose tap on the hitching post, cork 630 of the canon( my favorite feature) to cork 9, to sw right7 to sw 9....landed but wasnt super stoked on it,,,cause I was supposed to do a sw right 10 on the second jump but I slipped on the icy kicker both runs and only did sw right 7,s ....super bummed!! and 2nd run I the wind came and I landed on the nuckle on the first 2 jumps....DAMNIT!...

but soon european open is coming up!,,so Im superstoked about that and I hope thing will turn out good!...

btw here is my euro xgames quali edit..hope you like it!

going back to sweden on tuesday..cant wait to get home to mom and dad...

and anJA!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

feeling better!!

my foot is starting to get better and I will try to ski tomorrow and see if I can do the qualifications on saturday !! stoked!!...will see if im this stoked after skiing tomorrow!!..stay tuned!

btw, Im so sorry for joachim krogstie, who overshot the first jump in qualifications today and broke his arm and tailbone!! damn!!...but he will be back!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


yeah..Im waiting on my website to get up, thats why I havent been updating here in a while,,

but right now I am in Aspen for the aspen...last week I was so stoked on this....but my foot is fucked up I missed the whole training today, so if im doing it, I will get 30 min of practice on saturday! (hopefully 2 runs) then its game on,,,but what can I do...?just have to rest for a few days and then push down my foot in my boots and just keep it there!!..tight!

super unstoked right now cause 2 days before I came here I got my sw rightsides good and I have a run that im stoked on ..and the course looks sick..b
ut I cant to anything else then wait until saturday morning and see what the deal is...

Got an nice tan while watching the training today to..haha! yeah...

editing my xgames qualification video to, and it will be finished the 15th so stay tuned and check back..

peace love and understanding!!