Tuesday, December 30, 2008

snowmobile day!

well...for some years ago we sold one of our snowmobiles and my brother crashed his in a three at a race...but now some years after that "we" have got a snowmobile again..(actually my brothers)..hehe..but when he is at work..it's mine!

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas again!

I met a Denver Mc Nuggets player in denver....(basketball team)
wow..feels so good to be back home..to my family ..old friends and all that kind of stuff..to tired of writing much..but I am skiing, hanging out with friends and family and just enjoying it!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good morning world. Grace here in Breckenridge. I am sitting here with my good friends Kim and JoJo, watching breakfast be made by the Abeyta sisters. Eggs, toast and champagne and orange juice are the breakfast of champions this morning.

Anders is already out skiing in the cold making some runs for the semis of the Dew Tour...and we're sitting here inside watching Jumanji and staying warm and cozy.

Alrighty, well that's all for this morning...the rest of the day is going to be veldig KONGE og JoJo ligner på Pal Bang Hansen.

Adios! Peace and love.

Pal Bang Hansen is SUPER HOT!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

dew tour over........for me

well..don't you get angry when you know you can ski way better then you do in a comp?
I get really angry on myself..but just have to learn by the misstakes and wax my skis..hehe...the course was super dope tho..and I was so pumped to ski the breckenridge slopestyle course..but it didn't go my way..and I didn't qualifi to the semi's...so now I just have to shredd and learn new stuff for upcoming events..

keystone park is dope..and they will soon open the big line I think...
here is some pics that John Vandervalk took erlier this week..

now I have to go to sleep ,and tomorrow if it isn't snowstorm like now, are we going to keystone to shredd..or else we will have a day of and I will have time to get my norwegian homework done..

Monday, December 15, 2008

keystone ..epic day

just some pics from our epic day in Keystone...it was so much fun and so freaking cold..-23 C or something..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

steffen "fett lei" hamre

hahaha sorry for laughing steffen...but It was pretty funny....

steffen had his worst day ever I think...so tired and nothing was going his way, he was unlucky today..
but he did the most epic dive from a up box I have ever seen, and he finished the epic run with a switch up 90, on the flat down box at the end....he was supposed to do a K-Fed but his ski got stuck and he did the smooothest 50-50 rail slide ever!.....

he is cute tho....


oh yeah yesterday was epic, pretty good weather and good jumps..grace drow us up to the mountain and back, we hada really funny day, and once again jojo tried to freeze us to death..but I did a comeback and woke up and turned on the heat....but he didn't die...so If it happends again he will probably get a nice suprise!

Friday, December 12, 2008

day two keystone!

yeah....yesterday started really good with a perfect jump line..but 1 hour l8ter , the worst flatlight ever came in and we started to shredding rails...I love this place...it's so fun here..

BTW Joachim kråkstigen tried to freeze us to death to night..he had the window open...and it is like -15C outside..wihoo...

yeah yeah....gotta eat some breakfast and go to keystone in the snowstorm!!


yeah sam from armada!

steffmeister in da house!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

finally in frisco after alot of delays..

yeah brothers and sisters!..now I am finally in frisco.after almost 2 days of traveling...
woke up really stoked at wedensday morning, and went to Oslo Airport, to take my first plane to frankfurt..everything was going perfect,except when I came to the gate in frankfurt and saw that my flight was delayed with an hour,
cause I knew that I only had 1 hour to get to my next flight in chicago to denver...so I was really nervous that I would miss my connecting flight..and of course I did that..so they reebooked me on the next flight, 8.20 pm..and ofcourse that one was delayed to...with 2 hours!!!..
when I came to denver I was really stoked that I was almost in frisco with my buddys..but here was one more problem..I missed the last shuttle..jippi!!

so I had to sleep in my boardbag at denver Airport, with two bindings in my ass and a helmet in my back..not that cool..but now I am finally here!!!!

came to the hotel and ran to the bus, I knew I had forgot something.....my goggles..but I had a really nice day at keystone anyway..
MC donalds is everywere in the US
sunset some were between frankfurt and chicago..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

last school day..US tomorrow!!

byebye school..se you in february!
so finally! US tomorrow!!!!..so stoked right now..and I have a package from oakley to pick up at the post office at 4 o'clock wich makes me waaaaay to stoked right now!..cant wait to shred breck and keystone..

and then go home for christmas and film and shredd urbans!!..

the blog will be way mpre intressting in US I hope..don't have time to write here when I am at school...I'm always to tired..

but have to go and pack my stuff!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

urban week

photo: daniel rönnbäck
this week me lars and vegard shredded urbans in lillehammer and it ended up really good..and we have got some really cool and different shots..stoked about that.

only 4 days left and then I will be sitting in a plane, on the way to US and Colorado!..super duper stoked!..think it will be some cool updates from there!..


Monday, December 1, 2008

tandådalen opening..sweden!

the reason why I haven't updated this blog so much in the last weeks is that I have had to much stress with school and stuff, wich sucks,,but it's a thing you have to do you know..

we didn't get free from school last friday because of a german school test..but me and elvis did that and then we took the train and bus to Trysil, were Thor and megner at oakley picked us up.thanks!..

we drove to Tandådalen skicenter for their opening and a small oakley/armada team meeting...wich was really fun and funny..they had some ski tests and tandådalen had build a super nice "preseason" jump aat their new "Big Air Arena"! the jump was really good and I was so stoked...

they also had a big air comp at saturday night..it was only one qualification run, so I was so fu*k*ng nervous but I made it to the finals...elvis got unlucky after sick riding in the practice..and ended up a bit short in his quali run..

the finals was a head to head format and I made it the whole way..after really sick riding from everyone!...super stoked!!

1st Kim Boberg

2nd Johannes "joppe" andersson

3rd Victor menga...(the sickest and biggest super man front I have ever seen!!)

that was my weekend..and I have only one week left at school before I am leaving and going to the states!

see you! bless!

Monday, November 24, 2008


this week we were supposed to have a BC shoot in juvaas...with (www.key-films.com) .but here is no snow..hehe..so we took the car and drowe 2,5 hour , to BJORLI!!!!

we have 1.5 m fresh pow and it's still snowing..we were filming a cliff and did some cool stuff down that...I have never skied so much pow before and I am really stoked to do that..so fun to jump on small pillows..

just have to say one thing..ARMADA Alpha 1s!!..that ski is so dope..it works so good at all feutures..rails, jumps, pow etc...

here is some pics from our drive to bjorli!