Thursday, March 25, 2010

candyinvitational railjam video!

here is a video from yesterdays qualis...qualified..and came somewere in the middle in stoked did really get crazy..just tried to do some technical tricks on the dubkink and downflat rail...had so much fun..and Aleksander aurdal won..with some of the craziest railskiing I have seen!!..he is the man!!..

now were are trying to figure out what to do with the air qualis and finals..cause the weather is not to good right now!...but check back for more info! boyaaa!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

candy railjam and big jump video!

hey fellas!...just finished the qualifications for the candy invitational railjam here at håtveits backyard....and some sick ass rail tricks were going down! everyone killed it...I qualified so im superstoked...finals starts after dinner around 7 ! check back tonight for an update about that!! yeah...

check out the video from last nights big jump session!

Bakgårdskampen i gang from Fri Flyt TV on Vimeo.


BACKYARD BATTLE - candy railjam!

yeah heres a video from the rail line.... from andreas is doing the candy railjam....check out the video from PKs blog....pretty sick to have this line in the backyard right?

Untitled from PK Hunder on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

warm up video , BACKYARD BATTLE

a small edit from yesterdays warm up by eivind Aurstad , Chaoz production

Monday, March 22, 2010


Backyard battle ..hitting a sick jump and I enjoyed it!!..

this is the kicker we will shred tomorrow for the qualis...just a 4 hour session..can it be better?....

I was stoked to go up on the mountain and shred the sick kicker! on!

The man himself and Emil Fossheim making the kicker look good!
the kicker up on the mountain!! much fun..good airtime, not to big not to small..SHRED!

check back for more action!


Pretty sick view from the balkony right?

looks like it can be a sick day here in Sudndalen....cant wait to shred! Andreas was out buliding everyhing until 4 am, and now he is up on the mountain shaping the other jump,...23 meter table!....check back tonight for more pics and updates about the firs day!..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Andreas Håtveit, BACKYARD BATTLE!

sindre "he speaker" klashaugen
I have seen edits and pictures from Andreas backyard, and it looked so sick..but now here at the same place in real life...this is more then sickest thing you could much work and effort have been resulting in the sickest backyard you could ever dream of...a 15m table with a start ramp between to big ass houses.....he has his own hotel and the sickest railsetup!! they are shaping everything right now..for tomorrow...its the first day of backyard battle and its gonna be so much fun to shred here!!..big PROPS for andreas and everyone!! im inpressed!

check back for updates and videos...

view from the window...30 meter away from the hotel the big jump is getting shaped!
below: the inrun and kicker!

Me and backe having a sickass dinner at håtveits hotell..big ups!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shooting with field part 2...

this has been a hard week with alot of homework and school..but I made what I was supposed to do so i guess that good...
yeah stoked to be shooting some more handrails with field!!!...and I have been shredding a bit in Hafjell, Norway aswell..trying to get some shots for my team sweden JOSS entry...and here it is... hope you like it!

me and PK in the lift in of the most fun days I have ever had in Hafjell,,,Pk were slaying it ..and everyone else to!..spring time!

then I headed to Oslo to Anjas shoot handrails and just relaxe with anja for abit...

This is what Anja gave me today ..a swedish "kanelbulle" haha sick!

Spot!..sick ass downrails
everything setup for some bangers..shred!

Even "the man" sigstad and JP "må rekke flyet" Aarskog eating dinner at the spot..

Monday, March 15, 2010

hard weeks and shooting urbans!

last week was probably my worst and best week at the same time..
I went to european open for the slopestyle comp..and qualifiers went well and i qualified to semis...but again as it does alot in the alps..the weather changed quickly,,and they had to cancell the slopestyle semis and finals...instead they did a railjam on the staircase...with best trick..
50 people were hiking the staircase...and some of the sickest rail skiing went down...I just wanted to to something different and have alot of fun...and ended up in 12th place..with a lipslide to surface was alot of fun..
me rocking my new XTRAVEL helmet! so sick!
then 2 days before I was going home...even sigstad from field production called me,..and asked me if I wanted to come and film urbans with them last week!!..I got so stoked....and we were having a blast!..but as I said it was my worst and best week ever i home from switzerland sunday night...with lars haakon hafsal...we had 15 min to catch our baggage and run to the last train to lillehammer..but ofcourse we were waiting at the wrong belt and missed the last train! so lars haakon slept at the airport and I tok the train to anjas place!good to see her after almost a month of traveling or more! there at 2 am..and took the first train to lillehammer and school at 6.30 yeah I slept for about 3 hours or so...then went straight to school!..and after that I went to film urbans with Aleksander aurdal, anders back, even sigstad and JP aarskog!...
we had a blast fo sure and I was so stoked!..

so that was how my week was like...went to school at 8am was ther until 12, went out to shred urbans untill 3 am..slept for 4 hours, go to school at 8 , urbans until 3am and so on!...I have never been this tired before but damn it was worth it!....

Kid helping even out haha.

me and even building a kicker on a
sick bombdrop!
fixing the landing on the bombdrop! G! ev
even fixing the kicker at the next spot in vikersund
kicker done! and me doing some tricks. one of my first wallrides...defenatly my first urban one!

me and backe fixing another spot!

JP had probably the sickest vest ever! and he was getting the shots to!

me doing some tricks on one of the spots

me and aleks pulling the bungy on another spot! hard work.boyaa

beautiful picture of me after a heavy landing , go
t my knee up in my mouth and I got scared that I broke my teeth again..but this time it was only the my lip.

another sick spot!

pictures from Anders backe!
then I went to oslo for the weekend to spend some time with my super sick awesome anja!

..this week alot of school is coming up..and filming for my JOSS check back for more updates in the near future!...and yeah this week I will drop my website

hopefully we are shooting some more urban stuff this week and weekend to!...

jah bless!


Thursday, March 4, 2010


yeah! I just started to ride for tyrolia!...superstoked about that..and tanner halls pro model binding the peak 18 are so sick!

check out the team edit!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

shred n breakfast! yee

Shred' n Breakfast - Episode 5 from Shred' n Breakfast on Vimeo.

new episode out!! hope you like it!!

european open qualifications went of today..and I qualified 5th in my semis and finals are coming up on firday!!...yeah! super stoked!!



Tuesday, March 2, 2010

European open day 1

oh yeah! european open again! always good vibes and days here...super stoked to be back for my third year!...

today training went of...and its a pretty sick course..but tricky rails I think or not the rails but the setup..but hopefully it will be fine for tomorrows qualifications....

I didnt get my run today ..I was struggeling with the speed a bit but hopefully it will be good after some hotwax and Ice tea tonight....

we dont have internet at hour place bu I will try to keep you updated as much as I can..check back for pics and videos....

and yeah SHRED N BREAKFAST episode 5 is dropping tonight!! stay tuned!
bless kimboo..