Saturday, November 8, 2008

Competition day!

Things were throwing down today! And henrik did the first ever sw 1620 ever done!..PROPS!

He did sw 14s all day like it’s now ones job!....that was sick..

He also won the whole comp and got 5000CHF ! congrats!

I won my first heat but then it ended the second round against JF Houle he did a sw 10 tail and I did my sw 10 mute, maybe I will put up some clips l8ter that adam falk filmed today, his hurt his foot yesterday so he couldn’t ride today..but he is funny anyway!..hehe

Elvis did some sick sw bio 10s over the big mama, and we took her to the bottom!!

Think big mama need to rest some days now..hehe

My man and Room mate Anders Backe got 2nd place and it was pretty untrue for him standing at the top and looking at henrik stomping the first ever sw 1620..but he killed it today….he beat a sw 10 with a big sw 7 .he got some style man!..

So now is the monsterpark invitational over and tomorrow me are going up to the slope, maybe trying to learn some new tricks before the king of style..the park is not very big but really fun..maybe we are going to film some to..

Now you know how this comp went for everyone..but stay tuned..more to come!

/Kim Kong


JDawgh said...

Crappy english dude

Anonymous said...

Lägg upp klippen från tävlingen, kan ju inte vänta på att fe sen sw 1620

Anonymous said...

Give us some clips !

Anonymous said...

clips on sw 16 plz!

ldawgh said...

jeg synes du er flink jeg dude

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