Thursday, January 22, 2009

yeah dude yeah

well,, the internet here in our apartment in breckenridge is really bad, that's the reason why I havnæt been updating so much..

but we have had 2 EPIC days here in breckenridge big park..the jumps is just perfect with alot of airtime..
last day I chrashed my thumb pretty bad but it getting better and hopefully in some days I can ski for 100%..stoked..

were at winterpark last weekend with backe and take some photos..and it went out pretty thanks HP at

and btw, the X-GAMES is on..just saw the pipe finals at ESPN..and duuude..things went of..props to Xavier bertoni that came from nowere and just killed it!!..
Big Air is just a big JOKE..travis won the snowboard big air, even tho he crashed two times..horgmo should have won..damn voting..

BTW sarah and grace was here erlier, and they are way to cool for are just the best..have fun at X..

can't upload any pics cause of the maybe tomorrow..

and good luck to everyone in the slopestyle...looks sketchy but I think it will be fun to watch..(I hope they will change the course to Aspen Open hehe)..


Karl said...

You have sooo wrong about the big air.Travis did not crash two times. He just reverted a litle. But Horgmos run was insane! I think it would be equal between them actually.
Great blog btw! big ups!

Lasse Nyhaugen said...

YOU got it so wrong. Reverts is pretty much the same as a crash. You fail landing your trick correctly, which means Travis failed both his runs. Horgmo had two perfect runs and if it was up to the judges to descide Horgmo would have won every time!

Karl said...

He failed but he did not crash. Im with you about that Horgmo should have won maby, sw bs 12 is a much more technical trick than bs double rodeo 10. Its a hard thing to judge. Have it.