Thursday, September 17, 2009

finally home..and back to school!

are u tired of watching beautiful sunset pictures from NZ now?..hehe
yeah fellas!

got home a few days ago..and i have to that NZ was awesome!..the weather was not as good as last year but we had a lot of fun and things went well!..

things is coming up so stay tuned..first day at school tomorrow after 3 months off..looking forward to see all my homies again..

in a month we are going to sas fee for some hardcore shredd!..and i promise you that it will be some video uploads from that trip..were supposed to make some edits on last trip but things didn't go how i I wanted..but relax and take notes you will see some edits soon!..
cause that's the things you want to see right??

gotta watch swedish idol now..haha..


1 comment:

baloo said...

Mr. Mac on the way !

But then I want to see more update
Remember a father is always stronger than the son
continue to train, sissy