Wednesday, February 4, 2009

aspen open practice!

sick sign of the burger store arby's

yea brothers and sister..first time ever for me in aspen..and i am stoked..such a nice place...Grace"amazing grace" kernies called a hotel for us last night cause we ere a bit to late..and this is and smooth..thanks grace!

so today was my first paractice day for the aspen open,,the course is tight but still fun..I had some problems with the speed but tomorrow i have to wax my skis....the qualifications is on saturday..stoked..just did some 5's and 3's today..but I think I have a run I will hopefully it will work...

haha and on the way home we stopped at walmart..and guess what I bought??....A FISH! his name is "BURKEN" wich means can in english............cause he lives in a can..and he is dope..

here is some pics from to day..

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