Tuesday, February 10, 2009

stockholm, sweden

yeah so aspen open was not a sucsess for me...crashed in both my prelims runs..to bad of me..how cn it happend..on a m*f*k*ng crok 9 what's wrong..!?!..

check out this new oakley frame..stoked

welll..right now am I sitting at the Xtravel office..with my man eric..check out ther website. http://www.xtravel.se

doing some stuff..and it feels great to be back in sweden again..great to hear the swedish language again..hehe..and not eat fast food everyday...

just waiting for linnea to finish work so I can go to her apartment and justtake it EASY!..heh stoked...

check out the latest number of TRANSTION MAGAZINE..
have to go..l8er sk8er


1 comment:

Andrea said...

haha. läste de. 'Hellre en balle i analen än en vecka i älvdalen'.