Wednesday, March 18, 2009

european open day 1

yeah was the "first" day of the european open...the quali for heat 1-3 went of and due to bad weather conditions they skipped the 4th for tomorrow..
but they were throwing down and 4 norwegian guys made it to the semi swedish people made it, but there is on change that they qualified anyway, cause they both ended up on the 7th spot, and 6 made it to the we will hope that oscar and kristoffer made it..

some pics of the course..missing the first and the last jump tho..

last year I was a lucky guy and made it to the superfinals, so i am invited this year and prequalified for the semi tomorrow is the training for the slopestyle, and I am STOKED! will be fun fo shaaaaaaw!

have to was my skis and just chill down!..yeah!..

se you tomorrow..

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