Monday, March 16, 2009

european open laax!

Iver and Kets after driving me to the airport at sunday morning(missed the train) thanks homiez!
yeah boys and now I am here in Laax again...super stoked and the weather and park can't be better...

arrived here today, yesterday I was stayin at my man Andreas Lanz house in Zurich..super sick of him to have me around for one day..chilled downat his place ate some pizza and just taking it really easy..
the view from andreas house!
and then early this morning we went to Laax with the train and stoked to finally be here!..

Andreas him self waiting for the bus
first training day today..and I was so stoked to hit the course and things went pretty I hope I will have some runs for the semi's..yeah!..

but have to go now..see you tomorrow!

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