Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ambuhl invitational day 1

so here I am back in the building..

arrived here yesterday,, but when we arrived we find out that he couldn't find a filmer for us..a little bit to I was pretty upset cause I really wanted to get some killer shots..but whatever we had a sick photograper Pascal was supposed to just do a slideshow with pictures..

but today something really bad happend for the italian guy overotated and went way to far on the jump we hit..landed 90 degres..and went into coma..:( suck and it was one of the worst crashes I have ever he is in the hospital in chur..still in coma but hopefully good we are praying for you tobi!..

so now are we teaming up with the italians so we have one filmer 2 photographers and 3 wil will hopefully get some good shots and make an edit out from that..!..

here are some pics from the jump, three jibb and the nightsession we had..

stay tune for more updates..


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baloo said...

Nice Kimpa !