Tuesday, May 5, 2009

last comp..

oh yes..I have never had so many things to do as I have to do this week...and that sucks..but it's fun at the same time...

last weekend I didn't have internet as usual..but I went for the last comp of the season, In ramundberget ,sweden.."slopestyle"..due to bad snowconditions they couldn't build two jumps...so it was one jump and a big corner at the end..wich was the best and the most fun corner I have ever hit!-..super stoked..

after all I finished in 2nd spot ..super stoked about that..to finally get some tricks together in a slopestyle again...

1st: kristoffer "piffen" edwall

2nd: Kim Boberg

3rd: Jim Johansson

tripple 2H on the podium!..yeah!

and now this week,,we are shooting in tand├ądalen sweden for the upcoming 2H movie...they built 2 big kickers in a row..and it's time to shred it up!..

now I have to do some stuff and then maybe if the weather clears up I will go to tand├ądalen and shoot some!..yeah!

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