Monday, May 25, 2009

oh yes

pictures from an event at home..

yeah fellas!

the worst part in school is over..the exams..and it went okey..not super stoked but not bummed..

just have a few thing left..and the you will here and see more from me..

last thursday I had my 18th birthday oh yes!!..went home home sweden with lasse, iver and anja..celebrating and chillin at my hometown..I had so much fun and I think the others had that aswell!.:)

I will go to the glaciers in norway in the middle of shoot then my blog will hopefully be a little more excited.:)..

check back and catch up!..

l8er sk8ers



Mickael said...

är det full tilts på första bilden?
vilka är dom guldiga?

kim boberg said...

japp..det är tjej pjäxan tyvärr..sjukt fet!