Sunday, August 24, 2008

first day at snowpark!!

so here we go!

jetlegged as hell, yester day fell in sleep around 5pm. and woke up with skis, toys, etc on me that jason and jacob had put on me when I was sleeping, jacob also trow a ball in my head and I didn`t woke up!..hehe funny! you can se the beautyful pic on jacobs blog ....

so now we are staying at jason wolfs place, his the armada distributor here in NZ. me and jacob are sleeping on his floor that feels pretty much as a bed.:)

so back to the first day at snowpark!!, it was a bit cloudy up at the hill today and pretty hard to se much sometimes, but we were slayin rails the whole day with harlaut, tanner, jacob and eric iberg was there filming for the hall/harlaut edit they going to put up on newschoolers today I think..badass!!

super sick to be here in NZ, the park looks dope and the rails ARE dope!, can`t wait to hit the jumps, maybe tomorrow!

It felt soo good to be back on snow today and know that you have still 3 weeks left!..

now I am getting hungry, think we are going down to the indi resturang today to!

here is some pics of the looooooooooooooooooongtrip to NZ:'

hakuna matata.

just before landing in Hongkong!
Hongkong airport!
Mc donalds at melbourne airport
arriving in queenstown NZ

the super sick lake in Wanaka!

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