Saturday, August 23, 2008

melbourne airport!

now I only have 3 hours left before my planes goens to queenstown !!!.

what I have done to get the clock go faster:
going round and round at the airport,
eating at Mc donalds two times,
getting out of battery on my laptop. and I couldn`t charge it because i bought the wrong adapter i london!.(stupid)
talking to and indian thaty couldn`t say a world in english,
going around at the airport again,
eating a summer roll that wasn`t so good. actually really bad!
paying a lot of australian dollars to get on the internet,
and show the indian what skiing is.

and now I am sitting here with 15 min and 36 sec left on my internet time wondering what i would do the hours I have left here, maybe race with a wheelchair, but there s one problem, I have nowone to race with so we will see if Kim winns or if Kim winns!

yeye will be sooo nice when we have arrived to wanaka and snowpark NZ. looking forward to that.

hmm maybe i should go to Mc donalds again.

forresten.. lasse er en torsk!

peace din lilla fis!

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baloo said...

be care, i want to se that race movi Kim VS Kim