Friday, August 29, 2008

yee dawg!

these two days have just been epic, yesterday we went up to the hill around 11am , tanner and simon were slayin the pipe, and henke did a suuuper DOPE kangaroo at the last jump in the park and stomped it so hard.
I have just been working on my "old" tricks and trying to get the feeling back , last time i was skiing were at mammoth mountain in Maj last spring time, so haven`t been skiing for a wile, but it getting better and better, have some new tricks I want to learn before we are heading back home.

last night we had a super sick night session at the jump beside the rail line, it was so dope and so much fun. STOKED!

today was a pretty chill day , we were going up to the mountain around 9.30am to hit some rails and jibs and shoot some photos for the catalog, and some interviews. and shoot some on a wallride and som handrags on the nuckle of the jump we were hitting last nigt, STOKED!

the guys are talking about having a day of tomorrow but I wanna ski!!!!, but we will see, maybe gets some time for homework, maybe not.

but now we are heading over to jasons house to have some dinner duuuuude!!

BTW we have moved to the armada house now..super sweet!.

se you out there!

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mille said...

dr. dangerous.. du er så kul!