Sunday, August 31, 2008

epic sunsetshoot!

woke up around 9.30 am and went down stairs for a nice breakfast in the sunshine, and then me and jacob went to HQ to get our bindings on the ALPHA`s!!!!! wich is the new armada skis and I would say the feuture of park skis, the skis were so good at everything: pipe, QP, rails, jump you name it! the skis were floating around on the snow and it was so easy to spin with them.
we had so much fun, riding on the alphas today.

today me and Jacob skied much QP and jacob was trowing down some huge unatty cork 5s and 9s today.
and I did a new trick today, aley oop flatspin 540 in the QP. STOKED about that, wanna take it into the pipe before we are leaving NZ, so will see what`s happends.
and then after a long day of shredding we started hitting one of th jumps for our night session, went pretty well and everybody was throwing down, the speed was kinda wierd tho,it felt like you were going way to slow but ended it up overshooting it, but it was fun. me, Jacob,Taylor Seaton and Sean Field were hitting it. you can se some pictures on

and duuuude! I can`t imagin what Tanner Hs pipe run is going to be this winter!! he is trowing down so bad!!`s insane!
and dorey going back to back flat 3s and sw 10s down the pipe , dope!

and then we went home and had a CURRY IN A HURRY!! wich is a butter chicken with rice with a cheese and garlic nan at the best and chepest indian resturant here in wanaka, NZ! it is so DOPE! going to miss this place when we are leaving!

really tired right now, godnight!

more updates to come.

on the way to snowpark! a 30 min long drive in pictures!

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