Monday, September 29, 2008

yee dude..loong day!

The blog has been a little bit under ice those days, and that is because of 2 things: to much school and out of internet!
But I think it will be some funny updates upcoming days,.

Last Wednesday we were sitting at ketils place trying to practice for a history test we were going to have next morning, but it turn out being little to much of facebook and youtube, and the clock were around 12pm and we had not practice at all, so we decided to stay awake the whole night “practice for the history test” .
But it became a “wake up lars haakon in the middle of the night” instead, went over to halvards apartment that he is shearing with , vegard and lars haakon, halvard was awake but not lars!!.. so we opened his room and flu over him 5st I think around 3.30 am. That was funny! Maybe not for lars but for us!!
So then we went back to do one more try to practice for the test, but when it was 1,5 hours left before the school bus would leave, all of us fell asleep, woke up super happy after 1,5 hour of sleep and went to school for the test, but when I finally arrived I thought I had read the wrong book, because the questions on the test were insane!!..didn`t now anyone of the answers, so I guest on 8 questions, not to good, I do NOT looking forward to get my test back next week!..but we will see , maybe I am good to guess.

But the day wasn’t finished there!
We had the “61 degres north” on our school, wich means that we splitt all the students in different teams and the day is full of activities that has with strength, school, and every kind of thing you can imagine!!
not the best day to have after 1,5 hours of sleep the day before, and the thing that happened to me was pretty crazy!
After some running a started to loosing my vision and the only thing I could see for some seconds was a white paper!..that was scary, but I ran in to the bathroom the get some water, and after that everything was good!,
That day was maybe my loooooooongest day ever!!!

Stay tuned!! More to come…


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