Thursday, September 4, 2008

no sunset shoot, just chillin on the couch and kandama!

so the weater didn`t get better, so today was a day I would like to call "don`t do anything day" bacuse that was exactly what we did, Nothing!

the only thing we did was to get down to the city for lunch, a butter chicken with a cheese and garlic nan at the indian place!..and then we just went up to the house and chill down, efter only 4 hours of sleep this night I chrashed on the couch for like 2 or 3 hours, now this last 1/2 hours I have been trying to learn some tricks on JPs kendama, wich is a japanesee toy, that look like a hammer like object with a ball conected to it by a string, there you can do tricks and try to get the ball on the different parts of the toy.
need to buy one soon:)

so tomorrow we are heading over to queenstown for seightseeing or something, and watch a rugby game!!!..

will write a new uppdate tomorrow before we are going to queenstown.
ses imorgon


baloo said...

Kastrerings verktyg ,eller ?

Kim Boberg said... också!