Saturday, September 13, 2008

last day at snowpark!

when we arrived at snowpark today!

so today was the day of all days, last day at snowpark, and it couldn`t be much better: blue sky , sunshine, slushy snow, god jumps, god rails, good food yeah you name it.
simon, colby and riley picked us up this morning to go to snowpark and shredd the last day here, and it was defenatly a good end of this trip, and reached one of my goals to, so I am stoked about that!!!, and it was defenatly a badass thow down today, colby,jossi and jacob did some sick dubl corks at the bottom jump, and then the spanish guys jamie and paco did dubl backs and frontflips, and I worked on my rightside spins all day and did back to back spins on the jump line. STOKED!

and everyday we have been up at snowpark we have had dinner at a super dope resturant up at the hill with so much food for the money,

so what i can say about my first trip to NZ: It took me about 60 hours to get here, (with a lay over at melbourne airport for about 12 hours) it was a long trip fo shore but it was totally worth it!!
when we left snowpark today!

it was i really good experience, and the country is so beautiful that it is hard to imagine, and the people are so kind to, and I will defanatly come back to this place!..can`t wait til next time!.
and it was on this trip I started blogging!!..hehe, so if you don`t have anything to do, pleas leave some comments and tell me what is good and bad?

feels wird to leave this place, have been here for 3,5 week now i think ,and everyday have been so fun and funny.
and it feel so good to ride on armadaskis and shredd around with my alphas which are my favorite ski fo sho!! check it out! it was fun to meat all the guys at the team and all the people around here at snowpark.

will keep uppdate , maybe on the flight home if there is some internet and then when I am back in sweden and back to school in norway.

have to pack my last stuff and go to sleep!

the parkinglot was fucking destroyed of the warm weather today, but colby decided to "give her" and we made it !!

did you now that it is more sheeps then humans here in New Zealand?
now you know!



baloo said...

Have a safe flight Kim.
Looking foward to se you at home
And thanks to Jacob,Armadateam and others

Anonymous said...

Vilket mål var det du lyckades uppfylla? :)

Sivert said...

herlig blokk:D men kunne vært litt fler bilder og videoer?

kim said...

tacktack..ska försöka lägga upp video och bilder så mycket de går..

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