Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mother nature!

so today was one more day off. woke up because of the rain that was smashing on our windows. so mather nature was not on our side today. so we decided to go to armada NZ HQ for some product videos, but before me and jacob went to subway to get us a sweet chicken union teryaki, and some energy for the interviews, then we were heading over to headquarters! when jacob and JP was talking about the skis me and andri was sitting there watching some old ski movies like Skimatic, show and prove etc, then it was my turn to go up there and tell something about my favorite ski so far. the alpha 1s! such a good ski ,you don`t have to worry about cathing edges and stuff because they almost floating around up on the snow and the 182 ski feel like a 170 ski wich makes it so easy to spin , rail , carv etc. so nervous for that interview but went out pretty well.
then l8ter me ,tayler, josh , vhris and JP went down to lake Wanaka wich is my favorite lake so far , to shoot some timelaps and profile photos, turn out pretty sick and chrismeister got some sick shoots to. and I went jumping around on those rocks you can see on the pics. pretty funny day. but now it starts to clear up so hopefully it is going to be bluebird tomorrow!

then after that we just went home to chill out in the house we are stayin at, and then we went to the tai place to get some chilli chicken with chicken!!..good one., and then the other guys went out to the pub and I didn`t come in bacause I am 17 so I thougt I went home but I took a mofu**ing walk around whole Wanaka because every damn road look the same so i couldn`t find the gaddam house dude!! and now after 2.5 hours I am layin down in my bed and feeling so good because I made it home! the time is 4.30 am here now!!

peace out bro!

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