Wednesday, September 10, 2008


learned a new word today!..INVERSION!
we was not supposed to go up to the hill today, the weather looked really shitty, but then jason called and said he thought it going to be a good day today, so we packed our stuff and went down to the hitch hiking spot down the lake, was waiting there for 15 min maybe, then a super kind lady picked us up and gave us a drive all the way up to snowpark!..thank you! about a 30 min longer drive for her. and we went up there and it was INVERSION!! wich means that the clouds are lower then the mountain so the clouds were down in the valley and snowpark was up in the sunshine.:)
so snowpark was really sunny and slushy wich i like!.so we started to shred some rails and then some one hitters in the pipe and ended the day on the jumps. the snow was really catchy but it was super fun to jump anyway,, seems like it`s going to be the same weather tomorrow.!!STOKED!

went home for a power nap then me and jacob went to Davinci pizza and then home to chill out here at jasons place, going to sleep now so we can go up and shred snowpark tomorrow!!..

and if you have notice so is steffen "turn" hamre back in blog buisness after a looong vacation.!..check it out, it is norwegian tho because he have not learned english yet, he is only 19, so better learn norwegian, it is funny.:)

bye for now!
here is my first try in the pipe.


baloo said...

äntligen efter nästan 3,5 vecka får man se 3 sekunder film !!

Molin said...

Kul med film kim :)

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