Wednesday, September 17, 2008

last stop: falun and älvdalen!

jetleged first day in new Zealand, perfect moment for jacob and jase to have some fun!

so i took the train from stockholm to falun to visit sanna , so 2,5 hour later i arrived at the train station in falun with 2 boardbags, 1 bag and 1 backback, but sanna met me there so she helped me to carry the bags, and then we cooked a super nice dinner, wook! and I spent the night at here place in falun:)
and i also met my cousine jonna who lives there to, so that was nice.

and then the day after i took an early bus home to älvdalen!! homehome!..hoe sweet home, but i would rather stayed in NZ for some more weeks!..:)

so just packed my stuff and waited for daddy to be clear with his work, then we headed over to Norway and back to school:/..I had to stay awak to get back from the jetleg, so the only thing I could do was to drink and drink monster I dont fell a sleep in the car on the way to norway..

unleash the beast!


baloo said...

I´ve also done a back to back
Älvd-Lilleh-Älvd,whith just a baconpölse stopp

Anonymous said...


Kim Boberg said...

haha gøtt med ræksallad?

och daniel du får skynda!!..hehe

Anonymous said...

hörde jag ost och baconpölse? världens kanske bästa korv eller va vare som kröp ur munnen på sickan? =)


Kim Boberg said...

hahahahahahahaha precis,!!

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