Monday, October 13, 2008


christine look alike

so done 5 tests in 6 weeks! so tired of school right now+ that I feeling sick, my throat hurts a bit and stuff, but I am drinking a lots of warm water with C-vitamins! so hopefully I will be good when we are going to zermatt on thursday!!..sooooooo stoked, could not sleep yesterday because I was thinking about it!..wanna go skiing so bad!..

got some new skis today for my trip so I am so stoked!..alpha 1s and Thalls, I am so stoked about the alpha ski, they are soo freaking good!..and it is so funny to ride them! so light and feels like they are way shorter then they looks can it be better??..I don`t think so..armada!!

trying to upload some photos on facebook right now but they freak me out, nothing works!..but have to try again,, catch up l8ter!!

pics from the hardest training/comp in my whole life i think!
peace from the middle east!

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