Monday, October 20, 2008

sausage session!

so today was the best day I have ever had here in Zermatt, we were thinking about having a day of today, but we woke up to bluebird!!
and went up to the hill, and the jump were better than ever before!, the kicker was smooth and the landing were steeper!

It was a "throw down" day today!

I didn't do any switch tricks at all today, have to work on my forward spins, and tried to get the normal tail grab, not reverse, so did some 5s with tail and then tried the sausage grab!

did my first cork 9 for 2 years, and my first cork 1080 ever, so really stoked about this day, and tried kangaroo flip 2 times but hurt my back a little on the last one.

ole mustad were throwing down some sick sw 1080 with insane tweaked mutegrab!

halvard thon- the safe him self, were thorowing down and stomped all of his tricks! ( as usual)

lasse lerned sw 1080 and stomped all of his tries! sick dude..

frodo stomped and did some stylish 1080 and sw 7 with tail that were really epic!

and audun linnerud my man lerned some really dope cork 7 with true tail and some really cool sw 7 with japan!

yeah that were some of us, but every one was throwing down today!!

hopefully we will make an edit from today this evening!

yeah lasse is gay , that's why he is on every picture!
stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

Vet ikke helt hvem som er gay jeg?? som uploader alle bildene jeg er med på+??