Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2days left!

tomorrow is our last day in school before me are leaving lillehammer and going to switzerland!!!look forward to that!

intersport here in lillehammer put on my bindnings on my skis today, thanks, so now I only need to wax them and pack my stuff before we are leaving!!

I am so glad that we don not have any more tests for a wile!!! so tired of school, I am thinking about skiing every day! soo stoked !!
but pretty tired now so think I will go to sleep soon..

and BTW my tattoo is not soure anymore, stoked!

god night and sleep tight!


Anonymous said...

tatueringen.. faan. den var fan riktigt tuff!!den var riktigt fet kim, likaså moments!! såg den för någon dag sen med daniel!! ska bli kul och se dig åka nu, se hur mycket du utvecklas! keep up the good work kimmy boy! see youuu laaaater och kör så det ryker i zermatt och london! /Moberg

Kim Boberg said...

hehe tack henny!..fan va hærligt..var den nå bra då?..
seeeee you l8ter kanske med några samrriga pot8ter..hehe..tack!!/Boby

jacobstalnacke said...

ohh.. den vad sick kim!