Saturday, October 11, 2008

tests,tests and tests

so this week I have had 4 tests on 5 days in school..that`s bad! really bad!

so now I am just so tired in my head and just need some rest!, so this update will be a bit short!

sitting at elvis place right now, thinking about cooking some food, and then head over to some friends for to nights evening in lillehammer!

and just 4 days left, untill we are going to zermatt with the school!!!!stoked for that and then right after that I will go to london for the london freeze big air! stoked again!!

the dirty railsession 2 has been ready for a long time now , but movie maker is wierd, and we can`t upload it on the internet, so will try again l8ter!

but have to get some food now!..

Iknow you know!

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Anonymous said...

Lycka till vännen
från oss på Andvägen