Wednesday, October 29, 2008

london freeze..

so now I am siting here in norway at school, but only one week left to next swiss trip, me and elvis and backe are heading over to glacier 3000 for the monster park invitaional..stoked!....

pretty bumed about my result in london freeze, really bumed actually, but it was fun to ride, and I had so much pain in my back, but pinkillers helps a little bit,
but that's life..

will upload some pics from the london freeze now..


Jim Bell said...

Yo Kim. Nice Blog man saw you riding in London man shame your back was injured but hopefully it will be ok for next year though! I'm in your first pic too on the right on the stairs in green pants with shovel in hand!! hope you enjoyed the jump and London to dude, good luck for the rest of your season. Peace

Kim Boberg said...

oh really? cool..yeah I really enjoyed it!..defenatly want to come back next year..thanks man..and good luck to you to!..take it easy!!Kim