Tuesday, October 21, 2008

epic day in zermatt!

we are out of internet at the hotel, so at the moment i am sitting at a pub here in zermatt , drinking a latte and chillin with internet..hehe

yesterday was epic, today we had a day of, and I needed that!

let the video speak for it self..check it out.


Steffen Renå Hamre said...

OUCH.... kangiiii heheh

aron said...

sweet kim! really dope kangarooos;)

Kim Boberg said...

thanks niggh!

jacobstalnacke said...

set sjukt bra ut kim!
najs kangarooO! :D

Anonymous said...

siiiiiiiick! Fyfan vad du stompar satan!

Anonymous said...

Lycka till i London Kim. Vi tänkte att vi skulle flyga över från Norge, men jag hittar fan inte mitt pass.Har letat över allt=(.
Kör hårt/Brorsan