Tuesday, August 18, 2009


NZ freeskiing open qualifiers was today..and first the weather looked pretty good and everything seems to be perfect but then the clouds and the wind came..and it was super cold and hard to get speed..so they cancelled half of the qualifers and moved it for tomorrow..wich I think is good..
I was just shredding rails and pipe with a injured Tobi.. it starts to feel really good now..so I can’t wait to shred for 100% ..and my jetleg is hopefully gone in a couple of days…

Went to the skatepark this afternoon it was super cold but super fun..crashed pretty hard one time..and my hand is still hurting..but no stress homies….

Just a short update today..i am tired..

Mamma och pappa!..allt går bra..men vi har bara Internet nere i receptionen så ær inte hær så mycket..men allt ær fint!.. hehe




Micke Aldell said...

GL kimkong!

baloo said...

Tack för det !,skönt att du är framme och allt är OK (synd att din telefonbudget tog slut första dan ha ha)välplanerat som vanligt
Ha det bra ,I skype you later/