Saturday, August 22, 2009

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papparazzi shot of PC
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Shredd day!

Today was the pipe competition, so the slopestyle course was open the whole day..the sun was shining and the jumps was was super hard in the landings but no probs..I had an epic day..shredding eith jacob,oscar,PC and dansken..had so much fun, I was working on some tricks on the up box and some sw rightside spins..for the wintergames on Saturday..

The course will be like a flat box with drop off and then 2 jumps(hopefully big) then an uprail to one more jump or something like that..i am super pumped and hope things goes well!..

We also had an epic sess at the skatepark.!..stoked..

Tomorrow we are going up early for a sunrise shoot and the go straight to queenstown for the slopestyle training..yeah!!

Stay tuned..damn I forgot my camera today aswell..sorry..

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