Saturday, August 15, 2009

Iron Lion in Zion!

JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Finally I arrived in Wanaka, NZ,,...after 56 hours of traveling. I made it !!

First when I got here I didn’t have any numbers to anyone of the guys I am stayin with and didn’t know were to go..

But I found out that GRACE knew Luke nutting and Luke nutting knows bobby so grace got the number to bobby from Luke and I tried to call him but nono..after talking with grace for about 5 minutes my phone was empty for money!..damn!..I refilled it 3 days ago..but whatever….I couldn’t call bobby..but I met graces brother charles in Wanaka and we went for a lunch then we went into a store to see if they knew the way to plantation road were I am we went here and I took a chans and I found their room!!! (Armada clothes hanging out the window)......but whatever alots of names and a lots of shi*..but…

I AM FINALLY HERE!! Yeah!!!!!!!!

And tomorrow we will be shredding cardrona snowpark!..excited!...

Forgot my camera in the room so I won’t post any pics from Wanaka today..cand we don’t have internet in the room , just in the reception..

Have to do some school work now!.solly.

Stay tuned for more updates, pics , videos, etc!....yeah!


Anonymous said...

Haha fan va nice!!Skönt att du är framme/DanielOEmma

GRACE said...

Glad you made it!! :)