Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So NZ freeskiing open slopestyle is done..and dude!..it was the most insane slopestyle competition ever!...never seen such a high ski level in a slopestyle competition …
Bobby brown 1st, tom wallisch 2nd, henrik harlaut 3rd….
Bobby probably did the sickest dub cork 10 I have seen except for PK’s..

However..the weather was so nice today!...bluebird and super warm…I was shredding rails with tobi..and watched the comp..
So sick!..
Oscar and Jacob also arrived today..yeah!!

taylor and tobi!..taylor tried the sw dub cork 10 in the pipe today..landed on the deck but he was close..soooooooo damn sick!

But dude, relax and take notes..I’m gonna go to the skatpark or the gym..havn’t decided yet..

Talk to you tomorrow!..

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