Sunday, August 16, 2009

first day of skiing!

on the way up,.full packed car!
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First day of skiing!...

Today we went up to Cardrona ski resort to test out the park..and duude!! It’s so sick here..and everyone are killing it! , myself and I took it easy today just to warm up since last time I was skiing was to months ago…did some 3’s and 5’s just to get the feeling back. And I met PC fosse and dansken here aswell so I was shredding with PC for a while and he was koilling it , he did some kangis with shifty and I think he will have a sick run for the competition tomorrow!...the park looks pretty good !..right?

first it was a bit foggy but then ..we came up above the clouds! BLUBIRD YEAH!

.it took maybe 15 runs or something today cause I couldn’t ski anymore , I was so damn jetlegged and I were about to fall asleep in the inrun so it was so sketchy to ride for a a called it the day and me and Fabian went back home again after a chicken burger at the mountain..

Tomorrow is the NZ freeskiing open..I’m not in the competition..and I am sure that’s the best cause I need to get rid of my jetlegged first..! but dude it will be sick I will be up there shredding some rails and jibs tomorrow!..I think it will be a sick competiton fo shaw!.so I will update about the competition tomorrow!..

No I will go to the skatepark!..yeah!

nice view!

L8er sk8ers.

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Grace said...

Have fun, go mad...yew knew! :)